We investigate the stress interaction between the Watchorn, Labette, and Sooner Lake fault systems and the effect of precursory activities on the 3 September 2016 Mw 5.8 Pawnee earthquake. We obtain fault‐plane solutions for earthquakes with sufficient azimuthal coverage using the HASH algorithm, and then perform coulomb stress analysis on both seismogenic faults and individual nodal planes. Our results found that the three Mw3.0 foreshocks exerted a cumulative coulomb stress change increase of 0.68–1.98 bars at the mainshock hypocenter and also promoted failure for most aftershocks within 2 km of the mainshock. The coulomb stress change of 5 bars exerted by the mainshock also promoted failure for most aftershocks within the conjugate fault system. The results suggest that earthquake interaction should be fully considered in hazard assessment for induced seismicity.

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