We introduce an open‐source MATLAB software package, named Crazyseismic, for passive seismic data preprocessing. Built‐in core functions such as seismic phase travel‐time calculation and multichannel cross correlation significantly improve the efficiency of data processing. Compared with conventional command‐line‐style toolboxes, all functions in Crazyseismic are embedded in one single graphic user interface (GUI). The human–machine interactive nature of GUI facilitates data quality control. The simplicity of the software allows users to process Seismic Analysis Code format seismic data with great ease and also provides a means by which users can tailor the software for their specific needs. We demonstrate the power of our software through two field examples: one for P‐wave arrival‐time picking and the other for receiver function calculation. The software can essentially be used for analyzing all major body‐wave phases in seismology.

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