This article describes the Engineering Strong‐Motion Database (ESM), developed in the framework of the European project Network of European Research Infrastructures for Earthquake Risk Assessment and Mitigation (NERA, see Data and Resources). ESM is specifically designed to provide end users only with quality‐checked, uniformly processed strong‐motion data and relevant parameters and has done so since 1969 in the Euro‐Mediterranean region. The database was designed for a large variety of stakeholders (expert seismologists, earthquake engineers, students, and professionals) with a user‐friendly and straightforward web interface.

Users can access earthquake and station information and download waveforms of events with magnitude≥4.0 (unprocessed and processed acceleration, velocity, and displacement, and acceleration and displacement response spectra at 5% damping). Specific tools are also available to users to process strong‐motion data and select ground‐motion suites for code‐based seismic structural analyses.

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