We present the earthquake early warning display (EEWD), an effort to build a free and open‐source software to display earthquake early warning (EEW) information. The EEWD design and development builds on the experience of the Swiss Seismological Service at ETH Zürich in running the ShakeAlert UserDisplay developed by Caltech in California. The EEWD is a client‐side end‐user software capable of (1) supporting alerts generated by the main EEW algorithms used in Europe, starting with the Virtual Seismologist and the PRobabilistic and Evolutionary early warning SysTem (PRESTo); (2) allowing configuration for regionalization of shaking parameter predictions, such as local ground‐motion prediction equations (GMPEs), ground‐motion intensity conversion equations (GMICEs), and amplification due to local site effects; and (3) supporting future developments for configuration according to particular end‐user requirements. In addition to real‐time operations, the EEWD can replay recorded real‐time earthquake alerts and play scenarios. The EEWD, including its source code, is freely distributed to the community of interested users, who are also welcome to contribute to further developments, in particular to the inclusion of custom GMPEs, GMICEs, and intensity prediction equations.

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