An automatic moment tensor is a significant product of regional seismic networks and an essential piece of information for real‐time seismological applications, like shake maps or tsunami warning. In this article, we present scisola, a new software for automatic moment tensor (MT) retrieval, based on the ISOLated Asperities (ISOLA) MT inversion code and SeisComP3 real‐time processing system. Scisola connects SeisComP3 with the ISOLA FORTRAN codes by retrieving event, station, waveform, and instrumental response data from SeisComP3 and passing the information to ISOLA. The Green’s function calculation and centroid spatiotemporal grid search are done in parallel mode in scisola, thus the computational time is significantly reduced. The user has full control of all calculation aspects, for example, frequency range of inversion and station selection through the creation of magnitude‐based rules. Scisola is programmed in Python and provides a complete graphical user interface (GUI) and a database for storing the results. The automatic solution is stored in the database, and the user is able to revise it through a GUI. The software provides a complete logging of processing steps, extended graphical output, a text file useful for e‐mail dissemination, and a handful of quality indexes of the solutions. The code’s performance was tested against manual MT solutions and proved to be efficient.

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