In this article, we implement a web questionnaire (available in Spanish at the www.fct.uanl.mx, last accessed March 2014, as Encuesta sismo) to gather citizens’ observations on felt earthquakes in an area of northeastern Mexico. We generated a seismic intensity map due to the fact that some events from the October 2013 to March 2014 seismic sequence (1.9≤Mc≤4.5) were recorded and felt in the region. This sequence occurred in the central area of the state of Nuevo León. The data obtained from this questionnaire and by interviewing people living near the epicentral area are useful for a rapid postearthquake evaluation. This is important because the maximum intensity values were of V–VI near the epicentral area. Finally, the attenuation curves obtained from our study proved to be similar to those for central and eastern United States.

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