Algeria is one of the most seismically active areas in the Mediterranean basin. The available catalogs reported numerous destructive earthquakes striking different regions, such as Algiers (1365, maximum observed intensity Io=X; 1716, Io=X; Ambraseys and Vogt, 1988), Oran (1790, Io=X; Lopez Marinas and Salord, 1990), Djidjelli (1856, Io=IX; Ambraseys, 1982), Orléansville (1854, Ms 6.7; Rothé, 1950), El Asnam (1980, Ms 7.3; Yielding et al., 1989), Constantine (1985, Ms 5.9; Ousadou et al., 2013), Tipasa‐Chenoua (1989, Ms 6.0; Bounif et al....

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