Issue 104:2 of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, expected publication April 2014, will present the following articles.

Moderate Earthquake Teleseismic Depth Estimations: New Methods and Use of the Comprehensive Nuclear‐Test‐Ban Treaty Organization Network Data J. Letort, J. Vergoz, J. Guilbert, F. Cotton, O. Sebe, and Y. Cano

Partitioning of Seismoacoustic Energy and Estimation of Yield and Height‐of‐Burst/Depth‐of‐Burial for Near‐Surface Explosions Sean R. Ford, Arthur J. Rodgers, Heming Xu, Dennise C. Templeton, Phil Harben, William Foxall, and Robert E. Reinke

Ground‐Motion Attenuation and Source Spectral Shape for Earthquakes in Eastern Iran Aghdas Meghdadi and Jafar Shoja‐Taheri


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