Issue 103:6 of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, expected publication December 2013, will present the following articles. (

Modeling Surface Waves from Aboveground and Underground Explosions in Alluvium and Limestone

A Scenario Study of Seismically Induced Landsliding in Seattle Using Broadband Synthetic Seismograms

Selection of Earthquake Scaling Relationships for Seismic Hazard Analysis Mark Stirling, Tatiana Goded, Kelvin Berryman, and Nicola Litchfield

Response of High‐Strength Rock Slope to Seismic Waves in a Shaking Table Test Hanxiang Liu, Qiang Xu, Yanrong Li, and Xuanmei Fan

Tracking Earthquake Archaeological Evidence in Late Minoan IIIB (∼1300–1200 B.C.) Crete (Greece):...

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