Issue 103:4 of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, expected publication August 2013, will present the following articles.

Three‐Dimensional Seismic‐Wave Gradiometry for Scalar Waves Christian Poppeliers, Predrag Punosevac, and Tammy Bell

Three‐Dimensional Wave Gradiometry for Polarized Seismic Waves Christian Poppeliers and Predrag Punosevac

Using Real and Synthetic Waveforms of the Matata Swarm to Assess the Performance of New Zealand GEONET Phase Pickers

Multiscale Mapping of Completeness Magnitude of Earthquake Catalogs I. Vorobieva, C. Narteau, P. Shebalin, F. Beauducel, A. Nercessian, V. Clouard, and M.‐P. Bouin

Mixture Models for Improved Earthquake Forecasting with Short‐to‐Medium Time Horizons David A....

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