On 13 April 2010 UTC 23:49:17 (Local time 7:49:17 on 14 April 2010), a large earthquake (Mw 6.9) struck Yushu county, Qinghai, China, killing 2,700 people, and causing widespread damage in the high mountainous regions of the central Tibetan Plateau. This event occurred on the pre‐existing left‐lateral strike‐slip Ganzi–Yushu fault, which is the western part of the Yushu‐Ganzi‐Xianshuihe fault zone. The Ganzi‐Yushu fault extends for ∼200  km along a northwest–southeast strike (Wang et al., 2008). The event of 13 April 2010 is the largest one in this region since the last destructive earthquake about 272...

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