Online material: Field-measured offsets of the surface rupture.

The Ms 7.1 Yushu earthquake on 14 April 2010, 07:49:38 (epicenter, 36.2°N 96.6°E; focal depth, 14 km; (in Chinese) was located in a remote, mountainous, and sparsely populated region ∼30 km west of Yushu, Qinghai, China. The earthquake, which resulted in 2,698 dead, 12,135 injured, and 270 missing persons, caused widespread damage in the central Tibetan Plateau. (; in Chinese). The quake occurred along the Yushu segment of the Ganzi (Garze)-Yushu fault (Chen et al. 2010; Lin, Rao et al. 2011), which constitutes the NW-SE–striking Xianshuihe...

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