12–15 September. International Conference on Earthquake Forecasting 2011, Çanakkale, Turkey

19–24 September. Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists, Anchorage, Alaska

9–12 October. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting & Exposition, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

11–14 October. The Turkish Earthquake Engineering and Seismology Conference, Ankara, Turkey.

16–18 October. Eastern Section Seismological Society of America 2011 Annual Meeting, Little Rock, Arkansas.
 http://www.seismosoc.org/inside/eastern-section/ and page 748 for details.

28 February–2 March. 10th International Workshop on Seismic Microzoning and Risk Reduction, Tsukuba, Japan.

10–14 April. Earthquake Engineering Research Institute Annual Meeting/Federal Emergency Management Agency National Earthquake Conference, Peabody Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee....

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