4–6 July. EURODYN 2011 8th International Conference on Structural Dynamics, Leuven, Belgium

24–28 July. International Symposium on Geophysical Imaging with Localized Waves, Sanya, Hainan Island, China
 Contact: Wu Ru-Shan wrs@pmc.ucsc.edu

20–25 August. 12th International Workshop on Modeling of Mantle Convection and Lithosphere Dynamics, Hotel Döllnsee-Schorfheide, Germany

23–26 August. 4th IASPEI International Symposium: Effects of Surface Geology on Seismic Motion, University of California Santa Barbara
 http://esg4.eri.ucsb.edu/; abstract deadline: 25 April 2011.

12–15 September. International Conference on Earthquake Forecasting 2011, Çanakkale, Turkey

19–24 September. Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists, Anchorage, Alaska

11–14 October. The Turkish Earthquake...

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