Issue 98:6 of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, expected publication December 2008, will present the following articles.


The Regional Seismic Characteristics of the 9 October 2006 North Korean Nuclear Test
 Lian-Feng Zhao, Xiao-Bi Xie, Wei-Min Wang, and Zhen-Xing Yao

Using Interstation Amplitude Correction Factors to Predict Regional Phase Amplitudes
 Marie D. Arrowsmith, Steven R. Taylor, and Terry C. Wallace

Frequency Dependence of Regional Codaq, Part I: Numerical Modeling and an Example from Peaceful Nuclear Explosions
 Igor B. Morozov, Chaoying Zhang, Joel N. Duenow, Elena A. Morozova, and Scott B. Smithson

Consistency of Precariously Balanced...

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