Technical Program Chair 8–10 April 2009 (Wednesday–Friday) Monterey, California


Marcia McLaren PG&E Geosciences M.C. N4C P.O. Box 770000 San Francisco, California 94177 Ph: 415-973-0543

Joy Troyer Seismological Society of America 510-559-1784

Sissy Stone Seismological Society of America 510-559-1780

The Seismological Society of America is currently accepting session proposals for the 2009 SSA Meeting in Monterey, California.

Sessions are encouraged across the broad fields of earthquake science, geotechnical and earthquake engineering and seismology, including paleoseismology, earth structure, explosion monitoring, non-volcanic tremor and slow slip, earthquake source processes, and hazard analysis.

One focus of the meeting will be...

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