18–22 May. Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics Conf. IV, Sacramento, California.
 URL: www.geesd.org.

20–24 May. 4th Canadian Conference on Geohazards—Geohazards IV: From Causes to Management. Laval University, Quebec, Canada.
 Held every four to five years, this conference considers earthquakes, tsunamis, mass movements, inundations, coastal and river erosion, volcanism, etc., even climatic events that may impact erosion or mass movements. URL: www.geohazardsquebec.com.

26–30 May. American Geophysical Union (AGU) Joint Assembly, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
 URL: http://www.agu.org/meetings/ja08/. General meeting inquiries: ja-help@agu.org. Exhibit inquiries: exhibits@agu.org.

8–13 June. Seismix2008, Saariselkä, Finland.
 The symposium will be held in Saariselkä,...

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