A Summary of Previous Working-Groups on California Earthquake Probabilities
 Edward H. Field

Paleoearthquakes on the Southern San Andreas Fault, Wrightwood, California, 3000 to 1500 BC: A New Method for Evaluating Paleoseismic Evidence and Earthquake Horizons
 Katherine M. Scharer, Ray J. Weldon II, Tom E. Fumal, and Glenn P. Biasi

Full 3D Tomography for the Crustal Structure of the Los Angeles Region
 Po Chen, Li Zhao, and Thomas H. Jordan

Tomographic Imaging outside a Seismic Network: Application to the Northeast Japan Arc
 Dapeng Zhao, Zhi Wang, N. Umino, and A. Hasegawa

Earthquake Motion Simulation with Multiscale Finite Element Analysis on a...

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