Issue 97:2 of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, expected publication April 2007, will present the following articles.

Recovering Seismic Displacements through Combined Use of 1-Hz GPS and Strong-Motion Accelerometers 
 Gordon L. Emore, Jennifer S. Haase, Kyuhong Choi, Kristine M. Larson, and Atsushi Yamagiwa

Estimating Local Vp/Vs Ratios within Similar Earthquake Clusters 
 Guoqing Lin and Peter Shearer

Comparison of Location Procedures: The Kara Sea Event of 16 August 1997 
 Johannes Schweitzer and Brian L. N. Kennett

Wave Gradiometry in Two Dimensions 
 Charles A. Langston

A Seismo-Acoustic Analysis of the Gas-Pipeline Explosion near Ghislenghien in Belgium...

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