Issue 95:4 of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, expected publication August 2005, will present the following articles. graphic indicates that online material is available at the SSA Web site.

A Kinematic Source-time Function Compatible with Earthquake Dynamics
 E. Tinti, E. Fukuyama, A. Piatanesi, and M. Cocco

Thermal Pressurization and Slip-weakening Distance of a Fault: An Example of the Hanaore Fault, Southwest Japan
 Hiroyuki Noda and Toshihiko Shimamoto

Slip Distribution, Fault Geometry, and Fault Segmentation of the 1944 Bolu-Gerede Earthquake Rupture, North Anatolian Fault, Turkey
 Hisao Kondo, Yasuo Awata, Ömer Emre, Ahmet Dogan, Selim Özalp, Fatma Tokay, Cengiz Yildirim,...

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