Issue 93:4 of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, expected publication August 2003, will present the following articles.

Seismological Studies at Parkfield IX: Fault Zone Imaging Using Guided Wave Attenuation
 V. A. Korneev, R. M. Nadeau, and T. V. McEvilly

Seismic Recordings of the Carlsbad, New Mexico Pipeline Explosion of 19 August 2000
 Keith D. Koper, Terry C. Wallace, and Richard C. Aster

Secondary Aftershocks and Their Importance for Aftershock Forecasting
 Karen R. Felzer, Rachel E. Abercrombie, and Goran Ekstrom

Failure Time Remapping in Compound Aftershock Sequences
 Susanna Gross

The Colima, Mexico Earthquake (Mw5.3)...

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