5–8 February. EERI Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon, USA.
 To be held at the Downtown Marriott. Theme: Earthquake Planning in a Region of Infrequent Seismicity. The meeting will highlight measures that have been taken in the Pacific Northwest to mitigate the impacts of a seismic event. EERI, 499 14th Street Suite 320, Oakland, CA 94612-1934, USA; telephone +1-510-451-0905; fax +1-510-451-5411; e-mail eeri@eeri.org; URL http://www.eeri.org/news/Meetings/eerimeet.html.

13–15 February. Pacific Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Christchurch, New Zealand.
 Held at the University of Canterbury. Hosted by New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering. Topics to include structures, foundations and geotechnique, seismology and microzoning,...

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