15–22 March. Iceland Deep Drilling Project Workshop, Reykjavik, Iceland.
 Sponsored by the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program. This workshop will be held to plan the science program associated with the Iceland Deep Drilling Project scheduled to take place in 2004. The project will drill into the supercritical zone beneath one of three currently exploited geothermal systems in oceanic ridge-type spreading centers in Iceland. The aim is to produce very high enthalpy geothermal fluids. G. O. Fridleilsson, Orkustofnun, Geoscience Division, Grenasvegur 9, 108 Reykjavik, Iceland; telephone +354-569-6000/6093; fax +354-568-8896; e-mail gol@os.is; URL http://www.os.is/IDDP.

14–19 April. 10th International Workshop on...

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