The last edition of a Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice dates back to 1979. It covered analog techniques only and is out of print. Since that time, computer and communication technologies as well as the availability of modern broadband sensors have revolutionized seismological observatory practice. Related know-how is chiefly available in industrial countries only. Besides this, classical university curricula do not provide suitable education and training of observatory personnel. Therefore, the IASPEI Commission on Practice has launched an initiative to produce within the next few years a New Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice (NMSOP). It will be developed as an electronic database and will be freely accessible, together with the old manual, via the Internet. The systematic tutorial body of the manual, complemented by the use of hypertext features which will guide the user to additional resources, will assist station operators and analysts in their daily work and enable them to retrieve relevant pieces of information or teaching/training modules tailored to their specific needs. When finished, the NMSOP will also be available as a CD-ROM, and the publication of a condensed version as a text book is being considered. This paper outlines the philosophy, structure, and list of contents of the NMSOP and demonstrates it using several examples.

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