Between June 1981 and July 1983, 28 microearthquakes were recorded in north- and east-central New York State by a new network of seismic stations. These events ranged in size from about magnitude 1 to 3. Calculated focal depths are generally less than 9 km except in the vicinity of East Berne, New York, where depths of 13 to 19 km are determined. Of the 28 located earthquakes, 18 are associated with six sequences in which multiple events cluster in space and time. Fault plane solutions for three events in east-central New York indicate thrust faulting on northerly to northwesterly striking planes. A solution for one event in north-central New York exhibits a combination of dip-slip and strike-slip faulting. The horizontal projection of the P-axis for all four events is oriented in an east-northeast to northeast direction, although for the northcentral event it has a moderate plunge. The direction of maximum compressive stress inferred from these new solutions is consistent with the results of others for northern and western New York State, and suggests a uniform stress domain exists over much of the state.

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