On April 18, 1979 an mb (Lg) 4.0 earthquake occurred near Bath, Maine and was followed by a number of aftershocks within five hours. A four-station temporary network was deployed around the epicenter for three days and recorded two possible aftershocks. Intensity interviews were also conducted with fiftyfive residents of the area. Many residents reported observing intensity effects similar to those of historical New England earthquakes, such as booming sounds rather than low-frequency rumblings normally associated with ground shaking. The maximum intensity was V (M.M.) and the intensity near the Wiscasset Nuclear Power Plant was IV. The highest intensities were found north of the epicenter. Reports of unusual animal behavior prior to the earthquake were given by a number of the residents. The fault plane solution determined for this event shows thrust faulting on nearly north-south striking fault planes dipping 45 degrees.

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