An intensity survey conducted by Law Engineering Testing Company indicates a maximum epicentral intensity VI Modified Mercalli for the November 22, 1974 earthquake near Charleston, South Carolina. Isoseismals, based on returned newspaper questionnaires and field investigation, show an elongated pattern in a northwest - southeast direction near the epicentral area. At a distance of approximately 60 miles from the epicentral area, the intensities decrease to III MM. An area elongated in a northeast - southwest trend along the Fall Line (approximately 100 miles from the epicenter) experienced intensity IV MM.

Field investigation of the damage reports verified slight damage characteristic of intensity VI MM in three small areas in the Charleston vicinity. These areas may be reflective of localized soil conditions. Isolated reports of cracked plaster and bricks were received from the Augusta, Georgia and Columbia, South Carolina areas.

Aftershocks of much less severity than the initial shock have been reported from the epicentral area.

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