The Elgood, West Virginia earthquake occurred at 01:00:10.3 GMT on November 20, 1969. Its epicenter was determined as 37.4°N, 81.0°W, just west of the town of Elgood, West Virginia, and some 12 kilometers north of the Virginia-West Virginia border. The focus of this shock was shallow, probably 10 km. or less. Six regional stations indicated a m eus of 4.6 and five teleseismic stations gave a mb of 4.3. A three-day micro-earthquake survey in the epicentral region recorded five definite and four possible seismic events with S-P times of less than five seconds.

Macroseismic data were gathered by field surveys and by questionnaires. These data indicated a maximum MM Intensity of V and a felt region of 125,000 square miles over nine Mid-Atlantic states.

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