As a complementary way to traditional wave‐equation‐based forward modeling methods, lattice spring model (LSM) is introduced into seismology for wavefield modeling owing to its remarkable stability, high‐calculation accuracy, and flexibility in choosing simulation meshes, and so forth. The LSM simulates seismic‐wave propagation from a micromechanics perspective, thus enjoying comprehensive characterization of elastic dynamics in complex media. Incorporating an absorbing boundary condition (ABC) is necessary for wavefield modeling to avoid the artificial reflections caused by truncated boundaries. To the best of our knowledge, the perfectly matched layer (PML) method has been a routine ABC in the wave‐equation‐based numerical modeling of wave physics. However, it has not been used in the nonwave‐equation‐based LSM simulations. In this work, we want to apply PML to LSM to attenuate the boundary reflections. We divide the whole simulation region into PML region and inner region, PML region surrounds the inner region. To incorporate PML to LSM, we establish elastic‐wave equations corresponding to LSM. The simulation in the PML region is conducted using the established wave equations and the simulation in the inner region is conducted using LSM. Three simulation examples show that the PML scheme is effective and outperforms Gaussian ABC.

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