Some common terms for rotational seismology are compiled from contributions by many authors, including R. DeSalvo, J. R. Evans, E. F. Grekova, C. R. Hutt, H. Igel, C. A. Langston, B. Lantz, E. Majewski, R. Nigbor, J. Pujol, P. Spudich, R. Teisseyre, M. D. Trifunac, R. J. Twiss, and Z. Zembaty. In addition, some glossary terms about earthquakes are excerpted from Aki and Lee (2003), Lee and Wu (2009), and others for the benefit of readers who are not seismologists. It is a first attempt to compile a glossary for rotational seismology (including some terms for continuum mechanics), and it is by no means complete. Several iterations will be required to reach a satisfactory glossary, and this compilation is just a start.

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