A detailed study of four earthquakes that occurred in the Murcia region (southeastern Spain) in 1911, 1999, and 2002 has been carried out. New intensity maps have been plotted for the March and April 1911 shocks. These show maximum values of VII–VIII (ems). We have found values of VI and V, respectively, for the 1999 and 2002 earthquakes. Surface wave magnitudes range from 5.2 for the Bullas 2002 event to 5.7 for the March 1911 event. Focal mechanisms for the Mula 1999 and Bullas 2002 events indicate reverse and strike slip motions, with scalar seismic moments of 5.9 × 1016 N m and 8.6 × 1015 N m, respectively, and focal dimensions of 4.0 and 1.5 km. Both earthquakes were recorded at epicentral distances greater than 21 km, showing low values of peak ground acceleration (pga) (<0.020 g). These records involve a ground motion less than the ones expected in the region, according to different hazard studies. The seismic hazard map that we obtained for the Murcia region (for a return period of 475 years) shows higher values than those given in the Spanish Building Code NCSE-02 (2002) (e.g., 0.24 g for pga in the city of Murcia, compared with 0.16 g in the code).

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