Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Vol. 93, No. 1, pp. 314–331, February 2003

There is an error in equation (8) of Campbell and Bozorgnia (2003). The equation should read:  
\[\ \mathrm{HW}=\begin{array}{ll}0&\mathrm{for}{\\ }r_{\mathrm{jb}}{\geq}5{\\ }\mathrm{km}{\\ }\mathrm{or}{\\ }{\delta}{>}70{^\circ}\\(S_{\mathrm{VFS}}+S_{\mathrm{SR}}+S_{\mathrm{FR}})(5-r_{\mathrm{jb}}){/}5&\mathrm{for}{\\ }r_{\mathrm{jb}}{<}5{\\ }\mathrm{km}{\\ }\mathrm{and}{\\ }{\delta}{\leq}70{^\circ},\end{array}\]
The results and conclusions are not affected by this change.

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