We describe Version 2 of the three-dimensional (3D) seismic velocity model of southern California developed by the Southern California Earthquake Center and designed to serve as a reference model for multidisciplinary research activities in the area. The model consists of detailed, rule-based representations of the major southern California basins (Los Angeles basin, Ventura basin, San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, Chino basin, San Bernardino Valley, and the Salton Trough), embedded in a 3D crust over a variable depth Moho. Outside of the basins, the model crust is based on regional tomographic results. The model Moho is represented by a surface with the depths determined by the receiver function technique. Shallow basin sediment velocities are constrained by geotechnical data. The model is implemented in a computer code that generates any specified 3D mesh of seismic velocity and density values. This parameterization is convenient to store, transfer, and update as new information and verification results become available.

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