The areal distribution of seismic ground-motion intensity in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, during the 1994 Arthurs Pass Earthquake (ML 6.6) was evaluated using an intensity questionnaire together with local site amplifications inferred from seismic recordings and microtremors. In order to estimate the intensity in parts of the city where no intensity data were available, intensity data were compared to relative levels of shaking determined from both weak-motion and microtremor recordings. Weak ground-motion amplification factors were determined using ratios of ground accelerations at five sediment sites with respect to a rock site. Microtremor amplification factors were determined from horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratios at a 1-km spacing throughout the city. A positive correlation between weak-motion and microtremor amplification factors allowed extrapolation of microtremor amplification to estimated MM intensity (EMMI). EMMI ranged from 3 to 6 and was consistent with the questionnaire intensity and geological conditions and showed detailed information on the areal distribution of ground-motion intensity in the city.

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