A time-domain methodology for the automatic (on-line) calculation of source parameters is introduced. The method is based on applying Parseval's theorem to the spectral equations proposed by Andrews (1986). The appropriateness of the technique for the analysis of induced seismicity was tested by comparing on-line values of seismic moment, seismic energy, and static stress drop with those obtained in the frequency domain (off-line) for an aftershock sequence of events recorded underground at Creighton mine, Ontario. Our analysis shows that the calculated on-line and off-line source parameters are in good agreement, with an average slope offset of 4% from the 1:1 line, suggesting that the proposed method is reliable. Additionally, by applying empirical on-line attenuation corrections (coda Q), similar results are obtained to those calculated using off-line corrections (spectral decay), improving the average slope offset to 1%.

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