This article presents some numerical experiments in using a computer program for calculating the displacements due to a P source in a vertically inhomogeneous structure, based on the Fourier-Bessel representation. The structure may contain homogeneous, inhomogeneous, elastic, or viscoelastic layers. The source may act in any type of sublayer or in the half-space. Synthetic results for the simple case of a homogeneous layer overlaying a homogeneous half-space compare favorably with computations based on the Cagniard method. Numerical seismograms for an elastic layer having velocities and density varying linearly with depth were computed by integrating numerically the governing differential systems and compared with results based on the Haskell model of splitting the linear layer in homogeneous sublayers. Even an adaptive process with a variable step size based on the Haskell model has a poorer performance on the accuracy-cpu time scale than numerical integration.

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