The attenuation characteristics of shear waves in the crust of the southern Kanto area, central Japan, were estimated using strong-motion data, including acceleration data recorded in the pre-Tertiary basement rocks by means of downhole observation. The quality factor Qs(f) was determined for a range of discrete frequencies from 0.5 to 16 Hz from the analysis of data from 13 local earthquakes with focal depths of less than about 50 km that occurred in the Philippine Sea plate and in the boundary zone between the lower part of the Eurasian plate and the upper part of the Philippine Sea plate. The estimated 1/Qs(f) shows a peaked structure in this frequency range on the assumption that the geometrical spreading exponent is -1 (body waves). The estimated peak 1/Qs(f) is of the order of 10-2 at 0.8 Hz.

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