This study investigates the effects of explosions in asymmetric source regions on the excitation of seismic body waves. We give an analytic formulation for determining the wave fields from an off-center explosion in an embedded solid sphere in an elastic whole-space. As expected, this geometry generates shear as well as compressional body waves. The calculated wave fields show that the degree of shear-wave generation is determined by the asymmetry of the source region. The results are compared with the known analytic solutions of an explosion in an elastic whole-space and at the center of an elastic sphere embedded in the whole-space. The radiation patterns at different periods for different parameters of the media suggest that the asymmetry of the source region has significant effects on shorter period but has only minor effects on long periods. The long-period P-to-S wave maximum amplitude results are in agreement with that for explosions in axisymmetric cavities.

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