Lg-wave amplitudes of 30 Novaya Zemlya underground nuclear explosions, as recorded by short-period seismographs in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Spitsbergen, and Sweden, are used to determine mb(Lg) values. Assuming that the mb(Lg) versus explosion yield relation derived from Nevada Test Site data applies to all continental areas, the yields of the explosions are estimated. They cover a large range of values, from 2.5 to 4900 kt. The largest explosion since April 1976 had an estimated yield of 145 kt.

The mb(Lg) values, when subtracted from the mb(P) values, can be used to estimate the mb(P) bias between two test sites. In this way, the mb(P) bias between Novaya Zemlya and the Nevada Test Site is estimated to be 0.20 magnitude units.

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