This paper* presents the results of an elastic structural analysis of the Imperial County Services Building in El Centro, California. This analysis is of particular significance because the Imperial County Services Building suffered major structural damage during the October 1979 Imperial Valley earthquake, and the building's response was recorded on permanently installed strong motion accelerographs.


The abbreviations used are: a = fraction of distance to centroid; As = area of compression steel; b = beam width; C=0.05/3T; d = distance of tension steel from beam surface; d′ = distance of compression steel from beam surface; Fj = force at jth level; fc = concrete compressive strength; fs = stress of compression steel at ultimate moment; FT = portion of V considered concentrated at the top of the structure (equal to 0 for the ICSB); hj = height above the base of the level j; K = ductility factor; Mu = ultimate moment; n = number of levels to the uppermost level in the main portion of the structure; T = building period; V = base shear; wj = portion of the total dead load which is loaded at level j; W = total dead weight of the structure; Z = zone factor.

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