On 19 August 1976, Denizli city, located at the southwest of Anatolia, was shaken by an earthquake with a magnitude 4.7 (ISC determination). The earthquake destroyed 40 houses, damaged 1284 houses heavily, and caused a loss of live of four persons. Maximum intensity of MM VI+ was observed at the city of Denizli with a population of 110,000. The strong motion accelerograph (SMA-1 Kinemetrics) installed at Denizli recorded the ground motion. This is the first strong motion record obtained in Turkey at the epicentral region of the earthquake. The strong motion accelerogram, digitized on a Bendix digitizer, baseline correction was calculated, and the acceleration, velocity, and displacement spectrums were obtained. The peak acceleration values were 0.27 g eastwest, 0.34 g north-south, and 0.21 g in vertical components of the record; relatively high for a magnitude 4.7 earthquake.

Denizli is a very developed West Anatolian city with high-rise buildings with modern structural design. It was calculated that the natural period of the buildings damaged due to the earthquake of the 19 August was high. Therefore, heavy damage on the buildings of the short natural period can be attributed to the high-frequency large-amplitude ground accelerations of the Denizli earthquake.

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