Relative Pn arrival times across an array of stations at The Geysers-Clear Lake region in northern California indicates that the upper mantle velocity is 8.0 km/sec, and that the Moho dips 5.3° at 57° to the northeast in this area, reflecting thickening of the crust toward the continent. These results agree with regional trends in the Bouguer gravity field. The travel-time residuals with respect to the dipping model suggest a crustal low-velocity zone beneath Mt. Hannah, consistent with reported teleseismic delays, and the low-velocity zone is interpreted as representing partial melt. No delays are observed in The Geysers, precluding the existence of an extensive magma body beneath the steam production area. Azimuthal variations in apparent velocity may reflect upper mantle azimuthal velocity anisotropy, but such an interpretation is uncertain due to the limited azimuthal distribution of earthquakes.

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