The displacement components for a horizontal stress discontinuity along a buried finite fault in an elastic homogeneous layer on top of an elastic half-space are given analytically in terms of generalized rays. For a particular case of a concentrated horizontal force pointing in an arbitrary direction, detailed time-dependent expressions are given. For a simple model of a “crustal” layer over a “mantle” half-space, the numerical seismograms in the near- and intermediate-field show some interesting features. These include a prominent group of compressional waves whose radial component is substantial at distances four times the crustal thickness. All the dominant shear arrivals (s, SS, and sSS) are important and show large variations of amplitude as the source depth and receiver distance are varied. Some of the prominent individual generalized rays are shown, and it is found that they can be grouped naturally into families based on the number of interactions with the boundaries. The subdivision into individual generalized rays is useful for analysis and for checks on the numerical stability of the synthetic seismograms. Since the solution is analytic and the numerical evaluation is complete up to any desired time, the results are useful in comparing other approximate methods for the computation of seismograms.

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