An approximate reversed refraction profile has been obtained for the center of the Peninsular Ranges of southern California and Baja California Norte using arrival times from Corona blasts to obtain the NW-SE profile, and arrival times from the well-located Pino Solo earthquake of 17 July 1975 to obtain the reversing SE-NW profile. The results indicate a relatively high-velocity crust, with P velocities of 6.57 to 6.95 km/sec, similar to the high velocities found by Hadley and Kanamori (1979). A crustal thickness of about 40 km was found for the axis of the Peninsular Ranges, significantly greater than was found by Hadley and Kanamori (1979) for the average crustal thickness of the northern part of the province. This suggests that the thick crust may be confined to a relatively narrow zone along the axis of the province. The crustal thickness found here is approximately 10 km less than found for the deeper crust of the Sierra Nevada (Bateman and Eaton, 1967; Pakiser and Brune, 1980).

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