The Tasmania University Seismic Net currently operates eight stations in Tasmania. Telemetered data are recorded at the University in Hobart on chart and on magnetic tape. The net is capable of detecting events with M > 0.8, and the epicenters of these events can be reliably determined over an area of 40,000 km2 or approximately 60 per cent of the island. There are at present approximately 100 events located per year of which 80 per cent can be assigned magnitudes. Approximately 20 per cent of these events have M ≧ 2.0 with 5 per cent M ≧ 3.0.

Much of the seismic activity can be correlated with major geological features. There is a direct correlation between the increased seismicity in the Gordon River Power Development storage area and the water load of this 13.5 × 109 tonne water storage.

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