The Koyna earthquake of December 10, 1967 was the most damaging reservoir-induced earthquake. It was followed by a long sequence of earthquakes which is still continuing. Precise locations of the Koyna earthquakes have been very much disputed as different locations of the main earthquake and stronger aftershocks were obtained by various workers. Over 1,500 epicenters of Koyna earthquakes through 1973 were obtained by Guha et al. (1974). They cover a large area in a diffused pattern. In view of the continuing seismicity and a recently obtained seismic velocity model, the larger events (ML ≧ 4.0) and about 300 selected smaller events (ML < 4.0) were relocated.

The relocated epicenters show some concentration and suggest the possibility of two trends in the NNE and NW directions. There is a NNE trend of epicenters near the dam and another about 20 km west of the reservoir. The NW trend cuts through these NNE trends. The events were grouped to obtain their composite fault-plane solutions which indicate left-lateral strike-slip faulting along the NNE faults and normal faulting in the NW direction. Faults observed in the LANDSAT imagery match with these trends.

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