The magnitude 7.2 St. Elias earthquake of February 28, 1979 was felt over an area of about 500,000 km2 of Alaska, United States, and Canada. The maximum intensity was VII at Icy Bay Lumber Camp. No major damage resulted as the epicenter was in an unpopulated area of Alaska. Isoseismal maps are also presented for the earthquakes of September 4, 1899, September 10, 1899, 21 hr, October 9, 1900, and July 10, 1958; magnitudes 8.3, 8.6, 8.3, and 7.9, respectively. The felt areas of the 1899 and 1958 earthquakes were not significantly larger than the St. Elias felt area considering the uncertainty of their limit of perceptibility. The October 9, 1900 earthquake appears to be located in the Kodiak Island region and not near Cape Yakatage as previously published.

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