Ground-response maps for Tonopah, Nevada, were prepared using ground-motion data from a Nevada Test Site explosion recorded on a 12-station seismic array in Tonopah. These data were used to define 10 frequency-dependent ground-response maps for the period range 0.05 to 2.5 sec. These data were combined with the probabilistic calculation of earthquake ground accelerations on rock sites in the Tonopah area, made in a 1976 study by S. T. Algermissen and D. M. Perkins, in order to give estimates of the ground shaking expected throughout the city in a 50-yr period of time, at the 90 per cent probability level. Although these relative ground-response estimates are based on low-strain data, they provide a preliminary basis for delineating geographic areas with different susceptibilities to earthquake ground shaking until the time that high-strain earthquake ground-motion measurements become available in Tonopah.

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