A series of destructive earthquakes occurred in northern China during March 1966 in an area with no previous instrumentally located seismicity. The tectonics of this intraplate region are poorly understood. Examination of LANDSAT-1 imagery revealed evidence of recent surface faulting in this and other nearby regions of northern China. The method of “Joint Epicenter Determination” (JED) was used to relocate the epicenters of the earthquakes. The best relocations were obtained with the JED method using a station-corrected calibration event. These locations, along with published fault-plane solutions, historical earthquake records, and LANDSAT-1 imagery are in very good agreement with the published field investigations that reported the earthquakes to have occurred along a large right-lateral strike-slip fault zone. The sense of motion on this strike-slip feature appears to be related to an extensional stress system oriented NNW-SSE in the region of the Shansi graben and the North China Plain.

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