About 60 sets of seismic amplitude-yield data were examined using standard regression techniques to determine slopes of amplitude-yield scaling relations for explosions in water-saturated tuffs and rhyolites. Both P-wave amplitudes and Rayleigh-wave amplitudes were studied at selected stations located at regional and teleseismic distances. The source population included only those underground nuclear explosions fired near or below the level of the static water table at Pahute Mesa, Nevada Test Site, and covered about three orders of magnitude in yield.

Statistical tests applied to the slope parameter (b) indicate that the slopes at regional and teleseismic distances are different. An estimated mean value of b for P-wave amplitude/period (A/T) was slightly greater than 0.6 for regional distances but was almost 1.0 for teleseismic distances. The estimated mean value of b for Rayleigh-wave A/T data was about 1.1. At a given distance the slopes seem to be independent of the yield range considered for both P-waves and Rayleigh-waves.

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